When is your season?

Earlier this week I went to church and that night the Word was centred on seasons: when does one reap the benefits of their hard work? When is it someone’s time to shine? Can individuals recognize their season?

Many of us ask God for favour: some of us ask Him to bless us with an impressive house or car, some ask for money, some ask for children, some ask for better health, some ask for a promotion at work, a better relationship with a school mate, boss or colleague, and some simply ask for joy.

Some of us pray often and some of us pray occasionally, but most importantly, those who pray (whether it’s often or not) expect God to hear their prayers and respond to them.At times it seems like God wants nothing to do with us and is simply choosing to ignore our prayers.

God is observing us, however, and is purposely allowing us to go through storms. Sometimes we ask Him to provide the shelter we so desperately need and He never sends it. It seems ‘wicked’ doesn’t it? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life it’s this: God is an amazing God.

When He doesn’t send me the answers, or help I need, I keep on trusting in Him, even when I feel weak and want to give up altogether.

After the service, I chatted with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I discovered that her world was crumbling once more and I tried so hard to assure her that there was something greater in store.

It seemed like life was never easy for her. If she found joy, it was only for a split secondand darkness would soon reenter. My heart ached for her and I wished that she could see what I saw: God was allowing her to go through these storms for a purpose; her season was coming.

The devil will send many hurdles your way when it is your time to shine. He hates to see us happy and he hates it even more when we glorify God. Many times when he kicks individuals down, they remain on the floor; you can’t afford to stay down, however.

I always talk about the greatness of God and encourage others, but that does not mean I am not going through terrible storms. I choose to smile most times because I know that our God is greater and He is stronger than any other. I KNOW my season is coming and I KNOW the devil is trying so hard to keep me from seeing that. But you know what? The devil is a liar.

Be patient my loves, your season is coming.

Rae A.

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