Why Your’ll Cyah Support Your’ll Friends Businesses?

Gasa some Lucians love to buy things from big name stores and anybody… anybody that’s not their friend. Today I have a question for you: are you a supporter, hater or are you just broke?

I added the last part because I know some people cyah afford tings… some people have it real rough BUT there’s a difference between broke today, broke for the week and always broke (because you cyah change your situation) so learn the difference and don’t use “I’m broke” as an excuse if it does not apply to you! Bor! (*In my Jookbwah voice*)

Now let’s talk.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see a woman in a good Fashionova jeans and I love to see a fella sporting a nice Reebok shoes (who tell y’all Reebok outta style? Chps) but if your friend has a boutique or hustles by the road for a living, support them, doh badmind your friend gasa!

@ENEFashion on ig support local!

Some uh y’all well jealous, e parway pou toufay zort, but you cyah be jealous of your own friend, that eh right. And it’s just not good to be jealous of people overall. Your time go come,work hard so you can have your own tings too.

Some of us so selfish, we want people to celebrate and make noise for us, but we cyah make noise for them. THAT MAKING SENSE?

Sometime ago my friend who’s a photographer was telling me how her friend hired another photographer for her baby shower and the friendstill wasn’t pleased with the results in the end. My good sis was feeling hurt because she felt her best friend should have come to her for business as she would have given her a cheaper price and good work too.

Now I was real with her, I told her maybe the girl wanted some fancy thing for her baby shower and didn’t think her work was top-notch or her work was “professional” enough (I get that) but at some point you have to put self aside (not necessarily on the day of your baby shower, birthday or wedding) and support your friends.

Doh badmind friend this year!

By: Basic B

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