Debates in the House of Parliament

Folks this weekend I will be writing on a point of order, in fact let me just focus on one word, order. I have had to sit back in my comfortable office chairquiet on a few occasions, watching in awe and listening intently to debates in the House of Parliament (sadly that’s my cross until Game of Thrones airs, but I digress).  I couldn’t believe the carryings on of elected members, “the pawol that was being thrown”, the name-calling and the out right disrespect that was shown for the “honorable house” as they call it.

The mockery of the most recent debate that occurred in theHouse boggles the mind and leaves us to question whether the individuals who are supposed to be role models and leaders understand the meaning of the word ‘order’ and just how to conduct themselves during a debate.

Now I know many people will squirm at the site of me referring to politicians as role models but that is exactly what they are. I remember judging a contest a few years ago where a skit mocked an official debate in the House of Parliament; the ruckus that ensued made a fish market look like a room with babies fast asleep.  When I questioned the students as to why did they behave like that in their version of the honorable house the response of “that’s what we see they do” didn’t surprise me.

We need to focus a lot of our energy on ensuring that what we feed to the coming generation is more positive than negative. As our youth continue to grow, they’re more and more impressionable. They take in things like a sponge but some habits aren’t as easy to squeeze out, as we would like.

When they see world leaders carrying on like cackling hyenas in their favourite Assassin’s Creed video game, what do you think they are going to do? Surely they will carry on as they have been taught. We focus on a daily basis to eradicate the ills of our nation, and rightfully so, but some of us should also focus on eradicating the poor examples we boldly portray to the young minds of the island.

That’s all I have for you guys this weekend. Enjoy and have a productive one.

God bless,

Scady. P

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