Feel The Vibe With ‘Island Tribe’

Island Tribe has joined the carnival tribe. New to the scene and bursting with enthusiasm, the band unveiled its costumes for 2019 carnival on Sunday February 10, at Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay.

Many persons showed up for the big reveal, eager to see what the hype was all about. Island Tribe promised that their launch would be “spectacular” and after waiting for what seemed like forever, attendees would finally be able to determine whether or not they missed the mark.

Was it spectacular?

Island Tribe wowed attendees with their big splash, making it clear that they did not come to play!

After hours of Soca music and the ‘Dennery Segment’ from an Island Tribe DJ, the curtains finally came up.

A caramel, dreadlocked vixen made her debut in a white cloak, hinting that there was more to come. And there was.

After teasing the audience briefly, the robe came off, revealing a purple, two-piece set.But that was just the beginning.

The model entertained the audience with her expert dance moves and after putting on a show of her own, exited the stage, making way for others to come.

A ‘Soca Fit’ sports inspired wear hit the runway next, somewhat of a surprise for attendees. It was the first of its kind so far and revellers who prefer to jump for less, whilst looking their best, were certainly grateful for the option.

There were five other sections and they’re hot as ever; a fiery red, show-girl costume will blow your mind and an icy aqua green and blue costume just might give you chills. The band’s purple and yellow number just might seal the deal for ya and make you an Island Tribe reveller.

Their forest green and camouflage green costumes are just as hot and there’s no doubt that their debut left many wanting more.

Island Tribe brought life to ‘Bacchanal City’ and made a ‘Big Bang.’ The question is: can you handle it?

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