Have you ever read the poem by author John Donne?

Have you ever read the poem by seventeenth century English author John Donne? I’m sure students who excel in English Literature are beaming with glee while excitedly answering, “Yes!” For the rest of us who may not be in the know “No man is an island” comes from a sermon by John Donne, which breaks down just how essential it is for humans to ask for help. The piece pays respect to one’s independence while distinctly pointing out that progression in society is only possible if everyone pitches in.

This brings me to the highlight of our 40thAnniversary of Independence  celebrations. Four decades of cutting ties with Britain which allowed to fend for ourselves has had its ups and downs, but as we look at the development that has taken place and the success that we continue to enjoy, we have to say, we’ve done quite well Saint Lucia.

Our brothers and sisters in neighbouring islands are miles behind us and the awe that some visitors are in when they learn of some of the amenities that are available to them is disrespectfully delightful. Things we take for granted here and one example is our Ginet service is revered as God send by the many cruise ship passengers who dock here weekly. “I thought that was only available in the US or UK”, are some of the murmurs tour guides pick up when they take visitors around the island to take in some of our picturesque sights.

While we can state many of the hurdles we have successfully cleared to take us to where we are as a sovereign nation, we must not lose focus on what makes us unique. We cannot forget our identity, the identity that is enshrined in our rich history. I know the international influences that we’re exposed to make it difficult to negate, but as young Saint Lucians, it is up to us to ensure that our island is not just another piece of land in the middle of the sea offering the same things as other islands.

We have to be all in to make this island the envy of the Caribbean. I remember how proud people were when they found out movies were shot right here in Saint Lucia. I remember how excited it was to watch Daren Sammy destroy wickets and win trophies while playing for the West Indies Cricket team and I know we were all proud of our Olympians when they represented us at the Olympic Games.

This is the sense of pride we must carry with us everywhere we go. This is the sense of pride we must have to empower our society and this can only be accomplished if we all pitch in and assist in making our island the envy of not just the Caribbean, but the entire world. One person can’t do it alone ya’ll it has to be all of us. Play your part!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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