Looshan Employees Eh Care Unless You’z A Toe-Wrist

After I hate to see Looshans get on like they never see toe-wrist before. Sar car fehmwehfarshay, gasa, because you cyah tell me you treating your own people like they eh nothing and when someone else comes to your country it’s: “No problem ma’am, I’ll get it for you right away.” Bayteeze.

Now I know people have their jobs to do, so of course being courteous is a MUST. My problem is when local employees act like a visitor’s money is better than mine, or that their lifeis more important than mine somehow. You know already, before they see a toe-wrist is money they see.

Some of them servers rushinggg to assist white people but I have to sit dong in a restaurant a whole two hours, or wait forever at a tourist attraction because I’m black. Just because it’s a tourist attraction, and I’m local doesn’t mean I have to be placed on the back burner: these are businesses where people from all over are welcomed and every single person should be treated with the same amount of respect.

I went to the Sulphur Springs recently and I kid you not when I say that a local was ready to pass out and employees who were present paid NO ATTENTION WHATSOEVER! But if was a white person, everybody ready to fall on their face, in their haste to assist that person. AVAITAY PAPA, OU KWEH SAR RIGHT?

A handful of white visitors tried their best to assist the sick young lady… imagine that eh? The girl was ready to pass out, but employees stand up there like nothing eh happening. (Trust me, I hate to say “white person” but I must place emphasis here.)

If these same employees went elsewhere and were treated like they were unimportant, they would be the first ones to run on Facebook, but they’ll treat someone else the same way… avaitay.

Shout out to the ONE EMPLOYEE (female security with short hair, white shirt, black pants and lovely space teeth.) After she got word of what was happening minutes later, she stayed with the customer, ensuring that she was okay all the while.

Being a good person has nothing to do with skin colour I tell you. Learn to treat people equally.

Don’t judge people and their pockets based on skin colour. Because whereas you coulda get a big tip from the same black person you didn’t expect it from, they could just laugh in your face and walk away.

And for me, a tip isn’t even the most important thing; at the end of the day, being a good person is all that matters.

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