SJC Sports

Secondary school years are “the best years.”

There’s nothing like being in the prime of your youth, creating memories with people you love most; laughing together, cheering each other on and simply having the time of your life.

On Thursday January 24, the students of the St Joseph’s Convent (SJC) enjoyed a day of sports at the Mindoo Phillip Park in Marchand. Ear-piercing screams from excited teens travelled through the atmosphere; hearts were beating furiously as they cheered their peers on, hoping that those screams would take them to the finishing line even faster.

“On your marks, get set, go!”

Athletes from Blessed Anne, Maria Goretti, St. Anne and St. Theresa, (the school’s sports houses)ran like their lives depended on it, after the command, desperate to emerge victorious.

Chart topping hits from unforgettable eras like ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen, ‘Eye of the Tiger’, by Survivor and ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson, built an incredible atmosphere and as students sang their hearts out, we knew then that it was a moment they would never forget.

At the end of each race, winners were showered with love by their peers. And whilst they were being celebrated, some defeated athletes could not hide their disappointment; at the end, however, all was forgiven and joy filled their hearts again as they got ready to cheer others on.

Teachers got their moment to shine too. A number of educators participated in races and students squealed when they ran like the wind, shouting their names of their favourite teachers simultaneously.

Past students were present as well. The graduates could not abandon a school they still called home and they waved their house flags proudly, knowing it would always have a place in their hearts.

Sequined hair and faces, cheerleaders with pom-poms, never-ending smiles and grins, as well as looks of sheer disappointment, whistles and drums were all captured on camera.

It was a day to remember under the blazing sun and the SJC girlsleft their mark once again at the Mindoo Phillip Park.

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