So You Teaching Your Likkle Chile How to Whine? You Must Be Proud Eh?

Gasa you never go on Facebook and just corhar you seeing a video of a toddler whining or cursing like is big they big so?

I always say a child should stay in a child’s place but sometimes the children are not to blame because adults are responsible for their development and wellbeing!

Hear the parents and relatives in the background of the video uh: “Junior really doing things e!” like is not them that teach three-year-old Junior how to whine and curse. To see them gwee-year like that’s something to be proud of.

When I see them tings gasa, that giving me rage because that’s why them kakawat children feel they so womanish and mannish so! Some of them have zero respect for adults! And knowing me, if I eh think twice is a nice beating they go get but ouharsav… parents in-know-war par say key these days!

It wasn’t like that back in the day uh! Tifi!!!! My grandfather tell me enough stories already for me to know! It took a village to raise a child and if you were out of order your neighbour would give you a nice hard tap for you to understand yourself. Go and tell your mother and father uh…. THEY BEATING YOU TOO, WAH YOU FEEL???? OH YOU THOUGHT!!!!! Think again my friend.

When I hear Americans and “evolved” Saint Lucians talking about “child abuse” and how beating children is “slave mentality” my eyes does go back so far in my head gasa. Giving my child a beating to understand themselves is “abuse?” SPARE THE ROD, SPOIL THE CHILD!

I will NEVER abuse my child because I would never want that for myself but discipline is a must. You cyah beat your child for everything of course, that’s ridiculous (some parents just like to beat and well need a beating themselves, they eh no kinda example) but when it’s necessary, aa take di licks!

It’s a good thing my mother lick me dong when I was misbehaving. Zorttwop evolved! Westaylar. But hear this also: if you find effective ways to discipline your child, without beating, I eh go come down on you in all seriousness. If it works, good for you. But just make sure you eh go and tell people they mustn’t beat they child. The BIBLE said it, not me so doh come for me.

By: Basic B

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