Some Christians Hypocreete Like Jokeeeee!

Some Christians go get in their feelings boy… but I eh worried cuz when I finish with your’ll, your’ll must check yourselves, real ting.

You never hear people say Christians does do the most things? Now I eh go be like that and say “Christians” because that means I’d be referring to all, so I will go ahead and say A LOT of Christians eh good at all!

If you go to church you will find that some Christians gossip a lot! Some FRESH and BOUJEE like joke and eh want to mingle with people they feel smaller than them.Someabusinggg their role in the church and feel because they on the pulpit or they in the choir they better than you and some eh helping people at all. Some of them like to judge other people boy and like to mind people business harrrd so they could go and talk about them (gossiping again.)

It’s a shame that I have to come here today and talk about these things (someone who’s not saved!) when all Christians are supposed to be setting an example. Some of y’all have no love at all: your’ll passing people your’ll know well straight when your’ll driving your’ll fancy vehicles and refuse to give the struggling mother with the baby under a bus stop a ride. Getting on like some politicians I tell you. And you supposed to be an example? Chewps.

I eh tell you give all Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane a ride cuz you have to use wisdom, but there are harmless people who need a lil ride and y’all turning y’all head whilst playing ‘When Jesus Say Yes.’ DAT MAKING SENSE??????

Some Christians have unsaved friends and getting on just like them. I thought you were supposed to be different? Sometimes your’ll refuse to get rid of the friends that keeping your’ll back too! I eh tell you to get vex with Sharon but if Sharon just eh interested in God at all, why you liming with her and eating all the gossip she feeding you? You need people that will uplift you! Again, I eh tell you get vex and turn your back on Sharon sistar, (doh do that at all!) but know your limits.

Next time your hands up in the air praising our good Lord and Savior, and you’re a Christian, remember that you’re an example! Y’all eh see how people in the world sending things in y’all face fast?

When people going through struggles some of y’all quick to say “doh worry God is good, He will take care of you” and y’all going and do your’ll business fast! But how are you supposed to encourage people when you don’t take the time to hear people’s problems and help them in any way that you can??? You are God’s servant and this means that sometimes you have to do the work! Doh expect God to just throw a bread to the hungry man from heaven, give him bread! If you doh have too much, give half or give him a dollar because when you give God blesses you.

Sometimes we afraid to give our last bread, but God is capable of giving you ten more after you bless someone in need and He’ll give you a lil $20 to hold too, doh feel it cold!

You feel I eh know how Jesus works? Oh… saroukweh!

By: Basic B

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