Cadets Celebrate with Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia Cadet Corps has been part of Saint Lucia’s landscape for nearly ninety years, participating in many activities of both a civic and national nature. Throughout the years we have worked very hard to ensure that we are represented at National events such as Independence Day Parades, Memorial Day and other events. Each event ensuring that we are neatly attired and in our best dress, with boots spit shined and buckles gleaming in the morning sun.

This year was no exception. This year Saint Lucia celebrated 40 years as an independent nation, and to this end we rolled out our new uniforms on the National Parade, which is now etched in the history of this nation. The new uniforms bear the colours of our flag and are coordinated to give the impression of the Corps – Loyal to the end.

On parade day, 22 February 2019, the platoon fell-in on the Vigie Playing Field grounds – known as “the Sab” – and was led by Major Trevor T A Alfred and his second Warrant Officer Andre Randolph. The platoon of young men and women were a combined detachment from various secondary schools from north to south.

In addition, to this new rollout, we also saw a large role being played by the Saint Lucia Cadet Corps on the Colour Party (The flag bearers). The party was led by Warrant Officer Class One Jeanelle Harris, with Cadet Officers Lieutenant Elise Henry bearing the National Colours and Lieutenant Kimasha Remy bearing the Cadet Colours.
The parade also included a contingent of Cadets from our Sister Island of Dominica dressed in their ceremonial colours. This detachment was led by Captain Sherwin Mitchell and Warrant Officer Greenaway.

In addition, the Dominica Cadet Band also performed for the parade alongside The Royal Saint Lucia Police Band during the second parade of the day. The afternoon parade included a fun filled rivalry and great display from the various contingents and the Drum Majors from Dominica and Saint Lucia. The Cadet unit for the second parade comprised members of the Saint Lucia and Dominica Cadet Corps.

The day’s activities were an excellent start for the Cadet Corps, the rolling out of our new ceremonial uniforms, and the beginning of our lead-up to our ninetieth anniversary.

“We are proud to have been part of this day, celebrating 40 years with all our fellow Saint Lucians, and we look forward to continued service to our nation.”

By: Matthew R Harris

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