Can Ministers Whine In a Fete???? Question of the Day!

I already tell people I cyah be a teacher in this day and age because them likkle chirren too mannish and womanish. Now as for whether I can become a minister in Loosha? Huh-yuh-yai… gasa the way Looshans like to give our ministers talk eh… (they not always wrong, you know, but there are times y’all just out of order just because y’all eh like a minister or a party!)

Recently they caught one of our ministuhs inna slackness and the internet went crazy! Now I know when you take on a job like that, you have to live your life a certain way: you must be respectable, people must be able to look up to you, etc. It comes with the job, ministers cyah blame people for holding them to a certain standard. (Same for teachers.)

HOWEVER, as much as I agree that ministers must carry themselves in a certain way, I have no problem if they want to free up in a fete (once it’s not too extreme.)

I was going through some comments on a controversial Lucian Facebook page and someone in the comments mentioned that our PM likes to fete. Avaitay: do good, they talk about you, do bad, plee worse. You cyah win with Lucians man.

I eh care with y’all, I eh have a problem with uncle Chast grooving inna fete! I eh agree with everything the PM does, that’s for sure (next page!) but the PM can certainly enjoy himself in a fete! He’s human too, aa!

If he comes out to show support, he “like to fete” and if he eh come and mingle, he “stoosh.” Gasa, what your’ll want? Just because someone does not show up to an event does not mean work is getting done you know! And just because you see someone at a fete, does not mean they eh doing their job either!

There is a time for work and a time for play. But you know Lucians already… they’ll see someone at a fete once or twice and for them, the person “always” there. Lol, your’ll eh easy.

Now as for the minister we saw in the slackness… minister all I can say is that was a little too much for the public eye but I guess you didn’t know you’d be filmed. Minister you must remember how things work in this day and age however. You’re never “safe;” you must be careful when you’re out in the open.

So in closing, can my PM and ministers take a little danceinna fete? Yes, once you eh going overboard. But ministers, y’all know Lucians already… they eh easy and sometimes they have every reason to be saying the things they’re saying. My best advice to you is make sure you’re working hard for your people before you fete in the open.

By: Basic B

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