DASH… Pure Vibes!

What a time to be alive! If you experienced the magic of Dash Colour Run, we’re betting you want another round.

Held on Sunday February 24, ‘Dash’ was an incredible success. Thousands of young persons showed up for the annual Independence run, bursting with energy and excitement.

Decked out in white ripped tees and armed with rags, masks and sunglasses, they were well-prepared for the powder affair.

The action kicked off at 6:30 a.m. outside Massy Stores Mega and participants dashed to the highway, eager to cross the finish line.

Of course, it wouldn’t be ‘Dash’ without music; ‘chipping’ on the highway behind two music trucks, participants enjoyed every moment of the colour run. It was the ultimate party race and undoubtedly the perfect way to exercise.

It all came to an end at the Rodney Bay Strip but not before a little jam down session though! Artistes like Mongstar, Ezra D’ Fun Machine, ‘Bunun’, Young DP, Nassis and Krome entertained the crowd and even after hours of feting, they were eager for more.

‘Dash’ 2019 was certainly a ‘lit’ affair. Colourful smoke and powder and a sea of people transformed the highway, turning it into a mini carnival. The rush was unforgettable and so was Dash Colour Run, a “5k Kaleidoscope of Pure Happiness.”

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