Imagine You’re Running Late For School Or Work

Imagine you’re running late for school or work: after getting dressed quickly, you finally get a bus but unfortunately the bus driver decides to take his cool time. Then, when you’re a few minutes away from your destination (but still not close enough to walk) you’re caught in traffic.

You’re furious: you just might get suspended from school and your mother, surely, would give you a beating you’d never forget. If you’re in the world of work, it’s even worse: you’re scared that you’ll be out of a job by the time you get there.

Perhaps you’ve been late the entire week and this time, you thought, would be the final straw for a tolerant boss. Maybeyour boss was no fan of yours and was always fishing for a way to make your life miserable: either way your job is on the line, you’re stuck in traffic and you’re nowhere close to your work place.

At this point you’re beyond frustrated; you curse the driver out for not being quick enough and vow that you’ll never take his bus again.

Finally, you reach your destination: you run out of the vehicle, with a poor excuse in mind, only to realize that the place is in chaos. A co-worker then explains that a gunman attempted to rob the place and shot two co-workers in the process. One was in critical condition. Hours later, you discover that the individual passed away.

You run into the bathroom as you realized it could’ve been you: the colleague, who was now dead, was holding on for you earlier that day.

Many times you’ll find yourself in situations you cannot control. For instance: running back home to collect an item, when you’re already late. Instead of getting annoyed, tell yourself that God, perhaps, was saving you from something terrible; pray and ask Him for favour as well.

You never know how grateful you’ll be for something, till it happens. Just ask the man who was saved from a terrible plane crash recently because he was two minutes late. Antonis Mavropoulos was upset as he missed his flight, but later, called himself “lucky” as 157 persons boarded the plane he missed and never made it home that day.

N.B. (Note well) It’s important to be early for work, school, etc. but if you are in a situation, which you cannot control, take a backseat and let God do the rest.

Have a good weekend my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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