Jeanai Clercin: G.I.S.S’ Mr. Independence

Image of Jeanai Clercin

Jeanai Clercin

Jeanai Clercin’s got six reasons to smile: the 15-year-old walked away with six trophies at Gros Islet Secondary School’s (G.I.S.S.) Mr. Independence Pageant and from the look of things, he’s just getting started.

Held on February 27, G.I.S.S’ Mr. Independence Pageant showcased a wealth of talent from their male students; Jeanai’s unforgettable smile and confidence won many persons from the start, and by the end, he had left an indelible mark.

On March 5, I interviewed the form three student at G.I.S.S. and he was eager to share his story with me.

He was far from shy: Jeanai was outgoing as ever and humorous (a bonus!) and it was easy to see why he was crowned; he was also passionate about his beliefs and loved his school.

“It’s not only about the school, it’s about striving for what you want and your goals in life,” he said describing G.I.S.S.

According to the student, his Mr. Independence experience was a “good one.”

“At first, I wasn’t sure. I was like ‘Me in the Mr. Independence Pageant?’ But I had been on stage before so I decided to go for it.”

It all started at the Gordon and Walcott Memorial Methodist School.

“I started singing calypso in primary school, then I came to G.I.S.S. and sang there as well and did very well—then the pageant came about.”

The pageant was even better than he anticipated. The student, who was showered with love by his peers, said “my favourite part was the Ambassadorial Speech. When I was done I wanted to do it again.”

For him, the competition was a breeze.

“The pageant wasn’t tough for me,” he admitted.

“Everybody told me I was going to win and I saidyou can’t be sure, anything can happen,” he added.

His friends were right, however, and in the end he received the trophies for Mr. Congeniality, Best Speech, Best Talent, Best Creative Wear, Mr. G.I.S.S. Independence, as well as a G.I.S.S. Independence 2019 trophy.

A football and cricket player as well as a track athlete, the student says he’s “very disciplined when it comes to sports and school work.”

He also loves being kind to others and hopes to become a Marine Police in the future.

“The nice thing about it is throughout the whole show, my theme was marine pollution,” he said.

In closing the student said: “Young persons it takes courage to be whoyou want to be and it takes courage to do what you want in life. Confidence is a plus and once you have the confidence to do what is right and remain focused, you’ll get what you want.”

G.I.S.S. goes all out for their students every year and this year was no different.

According to ShermaCenac–Modeste, teacherat G.I.S.S, “The pageant was very successful. The staff and students came out to support and the boys were magnificent. We had a lot of talent on display on the day. We’re hoping that the public really turns out to support our young men next time around, especially when they’re making an effort to show the positive side of young men.”

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