Loving With a Heartbreak

I came across you in a much needed time,
A time where I was falling and clinging to the most caressing soul that I could find.
It was yours.
The depth of your love filled up the space which had become vacant in my heart.
The love I once had overflowing had become frozen- like frost,
But the warmth of your soul melts my heart and gave me another reason to love…

Made me feel a fulfillment of purpose once more..
But why,
Why does my heart keep flashing back to what it once was,

When will the door of my once frozen heart stay closed?
Did I cling too hard to your soul?
Or is it that I had fallen too deep and shattered in too many pieces??
But you remolded me… you brought back my light…

You grew back the withered flowers that I had… they’re now sprouting perfectly.
It’s my heart..the trauma.. the storm.. the devastation of the past…
It is my heart that triggers the repetition of the once broken soul..
Give me hope..give me strength.. give me some motivation that you will keep it safe like you cured it when it was wounded.

By: Joanna Chaddie

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