Many people visualize success but some never think about the sacrifices

Many people visualize success but some never think about the sacrifices they’d have to make.

Many of us see the end results: the mansion, luxurious vehicles, manicured lawn, awards and more.

In order for us to attain our goals, however, we must get up from our cozy spot and turn our dreams into reality.

How do you go about doing this? Perhaps you may have to leave your country and go to another on your own at a very early age. For some the idea is scary, but sometimes we must make the tough and even ‘absurd’ decisions, in order for us to taste success.

One doesn’t always have to leave their country to pursue their goals, however; it all depends on what you’re eyeing.

At times, pursuing a goal simply means you’ll have to be your own parent. Maybe your parents are deceased and maybe your relatives don’t show much interest in you. Maybe your parents are alive and well but unfortunately, they’re always inebriated (drunk out of their minds) or just don’t care at all. Instead of sulking and deciding that life handed you the wrong cards, show the world that you can excel even when the odds are against you.

Perhaps you’re interested in going to college or university but you’re penniless. What’s next? Talk to your school counsellor, principal, home room teacher or even a business owner; they can help you figure things out and some just might go above and beyond for you. (You can also seek assistance from the government, church or other local organizations.) Keep in mind that persons will disappoint you along the way— never give up however.

Stay motivated—listen to successful individuals around you and listen to the stories of successful persons online. Bear in mind that successful individuals are not only lawyers and doctors, but shopkeepers, farmers, tailors, dancers, artists, artistes, etc.

Push the boundaries in life and never settle for less. Remember: “When one door closes another door opens.” Most importantly: put God first in everything and He will see you through.
Have a good weekend my loves.

Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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