‘Shee Creates’: Art From The Heart

‘Shee Nicole’ creates art from the heart, there’s no doubting that. This gifted local artist is one of the sweetest persons you’ll ever meet; below, she tells us all abouther love for art and more.

Shee Creates was born after a long dormant passion was reawakened.

Art has always been a top passion of mine, but life got in the way after secondary school: first it was college, then my first job, then a baby, then work and a child, then another baby, and a world of responsibilities that just did not allow me to entertain a hobby.

It wasn’t until nearly two decades later, after the babies were no longer babies, and I had some free time one weekend, that I put paint to pebbles, posted it to social media, received a flood of support and requests for more, and the rest is history.

It was a scary decision to make, stepping into a sector which is not guaranteed to be successful, but going on a gut instinct, plus nonstop support and encouragement from peers, I took a massive leap of faith, and invested in myself to make Shee Creates get off the ground.

Whilst I currently paint rocks and canvasses, my work is not limited to paintings. I also do sculptures, and so these will be making their debut soon. Each piece is unique, and whilst some are inspired, they all have a personal touch, making it an authentic Shee Creation. Whilst I currently have a small collection, I am open to taking orders for custom pieces.

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Facebook: Shee Nicole

Email: [email protected]