Sir Arthur Sports Always Scores

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has a rich sporting history. The school has produced numerous sporting personalities who have rendered outstanding athleticism locally, regionally and internationally.

However, before the likes of Makiba Alcide, Levern Spencer, Michala Casmir and Jeremiah James became dominant forces in their respective disciplines their initiation began at the college’s annual Inter-house Sports Championships.

On Monday, February 11th at the Mindoo Phillip Park, the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College held their annual Inter-House School Sports Championship to much fanfare. The historical activity known to carry fierce house rivalries sought to put to bed the yearlong argument as to which house is most superior.

Students from the respective houses;Lewis, Francois, Thomas and Walcott, decked out in their colours, converged under the stands as the march pass led by the cheerleaders made its round around the playing field, with the voices of Lewis supporters being the loudest.

Coming into the homestretch of their sports meet which was to include Track, High Jump, Triple Jump and Cheerleading, Lewis house had already amassed a whopping 222 points which gave them a 59 point lead over their nearest rivals, Thomas.

Eager to keep their lead intact the roaring Lions’ athletes held their own in the races with the bearing Thomas Tigers patiently waiting to pounce on any dropped points.

With the student categories now mimicking the Under 18 and 18 plus Inter Schools Format, quite a number of young national athletes were on display in a very competitive and exciting afternoon of Track Events, High Jump and the ever popular Cheer Leading Competition.

At the end of the Day Lewis House emerged Track and Field Champions amassing 446 points, with defending champions Thomas House Second with 367 points, Francois Third with 304 points and Walcott Fourth with 248 points.

Adjustments in the judging criteria some 5 years ago are certainly reaping rewards as the much anticipated Cheer Leading Competition reflected a greater degree of gymnastic prowess and athleticism. The Thomas House choreography and precision received first place recognition from the judges with a total of 397 points. A very crowd-pleasing and creative performance attained a 376 point second place for Walcott House while Lewis and Francois were 3rd and fourth respectfully with 313 and 308 points.

The track and field season continues on March 1st with the staging of the Road Race, Field Event and victor and victrix awards at the Morne Campus.

By Kendell “Scady” Eugene, G. Hall & photos By: Ted Sandiford

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