So Who Tell Y’all Women Cyah ‘Check’ More Than One Person?

Gasa looshans like to tell people how to live their life but nobody eh feeling it more than women. Matter of fact, women like to put women down more than men.

As soon as a woman or a girl start talking to a fella, they have the most things to say. (Mind you their skeletons ready to fall out of their closet eh, but they still minding your business and talking about you. Remember when Stephanie was how many months pregnant and Aglacia didn’t even check that because she was minding people business so much? Avaitay.)

Today I want to talk about dating because a lot of us are very closed-minded and judgmental when it comes to that.  Now note well: dating eh, not being promiscuous, BOR!

The term dating simply means that you are getting to know a person (or persons); you’re testing the waters to see if you want that person to become your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I see no problem with dating Jack and Tom, or Suzy and Janelle, once they know that they’re not the only ones on board. You have to make that CLEAR. That’s what dating is about. Now a fella or woman that’s a little open-minded, will step their game up and try to win the race. They may not like the idea of someone else being in the picture, but they understand that you’re dating, nothing more. And if they’re lucky, they’ll win your heart.

That’s not everybody’s cup of tea (it certainly ain’t mine eh, I eh go lie) but once you’re not getting ahead of yourself (being promiscuous) that’s ok(once you’re  old enough to date.)

Doh tell your mother I tell you to entertain fellas or girls when you 14 eh, that was NOT my message. I eh go say if you 16, or even 14, you cyah talk to no boy or girl (puh-leeze) but if you’re interested in someone, talk to your parents about it. I believe parents should have healthy relationships with their children, you check.  They should be able to talk to their children about anything. Now a healthy relationship doesn’t mean that your mother or father will “ok” everything, but at least they’re in the loop. Maybe they’ll tell you, you need to bring your grades up and then they’ll consider allowing it. Or maybe they’ll tell you wait till you’re a little older.

Now one thing, if your parents give you the ok to date someone, doh betray their trust cuz ou kie pwee uh sar.  Once you talk to your parents, they’ll let you know what is accepted and what is not, etc. Make sure you stick to it.

I eh go act like I did everything my parents told me when I was a child, but when it came to sex, I stayed farrrr away from it. I wasn’t looking to bring no child in my mother’s house cuz my whole career would end. I so happy I didn’t have child when I was in school eh because although children are nice, they could real get in the way of things you check: you get a little job, you have daycare or no baby sitter stress. You cyah save your little money sometimes and a whole setta other things. Now there are people who made mistakes and learned from it but if you can avoid the stress altogether, do that.

I just check I give y’all a whole pep talk e, but that important gasa, you check it.

By: Basic C

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