Taboo: Ready for 2019!

For Saint Lucia Carnival 2019, TABOO Carnival debuted their mas portrayal via social media platforms YouTube and Facebook through a short cinematic film. This approach was geared towards walking existing and potential customers through their creative process and answering all questions that provided clarity as to what exactly TABOO as a brand stands for.

The Wu-Xing, also known as the Five Great Elements is an ancient Chinese philosophy which observes the harmonic balance of the great elements as they co-exist… or destroy each other.

Wood ( Mù), Fire ( Huǒ), Earth( Tǔ), Metal ( Jīn), and Water ( Shuǐ)

TABOO’s creative portrayal takes form through the mutual overcoming of the elements, as one falls submissive to the other, coalescing to humble the others.

Designed and crafted by Jaeylu Atelier, a local Fashion House and Workshop led by Ms. Sharleen Lagon, TABOO promises unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to detail, which are both solutions to the typical problems and fears faced by the carnival enthusiast.

For more details about registering with the band contact TABOO by calling or WhatsApp to +1-758-518-5659, direct messaging their social media access points (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – @taboocarnival), visitingtheir website or sending an email to

Watch their 2019 debut now

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