Talking, is something that the class clown often gets detention for

Talking, is something that the class clown often gets detention for doing too much of, or your favourite skittle look-alike rapper is about to do to ensure he shaves time off that prison sentence he is sure to receive in a few months time.

Talking is also an action that can smooth out any misunderstanding or miscommunication in any group. Just think about it; if two individuals were to just talk about issues and how best to deal with them, don’t you think we would have less turmoil in the world? Of course.

Just a few days ago, I heard some rather disparaging remarks made about someone’s work ethics and abilities to command the best from his subordinates. The individual was also aware of the comments made and was eager to confront his accuser on every single social media platform. Of course I couldn’t allow that to happen as it would be damaging for both reputations and quite frankly ya’ll, that’s a petty way to go.

Talking about the issue was recommended and after much coaxing and equal resistance, the aggrieved finally conceded and made that call. On the other end was an understanding colleague who was shell-shocked as to how his words could have been misconstrued and proceeded to shut those false claims down immediately.

In this new world social media seems to be the go to place for creating issues but never the area to harvest a solution. As evidence has proven, persons gravitate more to the social bacchanal as opposed to positive stories.

My friend could have made a grave error in taking his grievances to Facebook as I am positive it would have resulted into a nasty back and forth with the end result being someone losing their job. Thank goodness he took the more mature way out and dealt with what turned out to be a small misunderstanding.

What a blessing it is to have two people who can talk to each other, keep a cool and level head, then take steps to fixing it. Get you some friends like mine ya’ll!

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