We’ve had arguably the biggest Independence Celebration in our island’s history

We’ve had arguably the biggest Independence Celebration in our island’s history and guess what, the party has only gotten into second gear. For years I’ve been lamenting that we need to make a much bigger deal about our island’s “birthday” and boy did we not go all out for the big 4-0. This year’s calender made its way to the media extra early and with a full year’s serving of activities. They told us we would have to stock up on our vitamins but we didn’t expect this.

From Thursday we have been partying with celebrations like St. Lucia Story, Best of Saint Lucia, the massive Parade which included king and Queen type carnival costumes, a military parade and let’s not forget, the fireworks.

I can’t express how pleased I was to see a majority of business places placing much emphasis on Independence decorations as they do for Christmas and Jounen Kweyol. The banks, supermarkets, boutiques and schools were dressed in the blue and yellow, black and white, some with the number 40 to commemorate our island’s milestone.

The excitement grew even more when I saw a tradition continue. Drivers of private and public vehicles were not about to be out- done by the managers and supervisors of corporate Saint Lucia. Flags fluttered in the air as they drove through the city center and some took it an extra step by completing their patriotic set-up with the flag influenced mirror glove and bonnet covers.

This is the love and appreciation for country that I have been begging to see for years. Saint Lucians we can all take a bow. We have truly done our island justice in the way we brought in number 40. It almost felt like Valentine’s Day would have been preempted due to the large number of teddy bears I saw still waiting to be purchased last week.

Asking about independence themed clothing and accessories however, was a different conversation altogether. Most of the merchandise had been sold out and one lady even reported that people this year were more focused on Independence 40 than the day of love.

Good job Saint Lucians, this year we are definitely proving to be “All In”! Long may it continue.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and continue to celebrate.

Scady. P