Why Salon Owners Have Attitude So?

Somebody tell me why salon owners have attitude so? Dem women like to act like is a favour you doing them when you giving them your hard earned dollars!!! And you know what getting me more upset? When they eh even doing di ting properly and they want to have comeh attitude on top of it!

But good or not, Sherline you eh doing me no favour so take that attitude down a notch please and funx!

Now you could say “but why you eh take your money and go someplace else uh sis?” Gasa, ting is, some of dem women good and they KNOW that so sometimes they want to have you on marjee.

They’ll tell you to come in at 3:00 p.m. but when you reach, they still in another woman head and they eh even halfway done yet! Sister, if that happens to you: SPEAK UP. If you have a good little relationship with your hairdresser and you’re not in a hurry and you’re ok with waiting, I eh mad at you. But if you have your business to go and do and you’re not up for foolishness tuh-day, SPEAK YOUR MIND!Doh let it choke you.

Last time I went to a salon and the woman will look at me and tell me whether I can let another girl go first because the girl hair taking less time… mind you, she had already started combing my hair eh.

TI-THUMB, HOW ‘BOUT NAH???No way, ho-zay, I doh have time for that.

But dah eh all that going dong in them salons. Some of them have ‘no gossiping’ sign but they gossiping more than their clients! Let me tell you, my head does go on a side wii… disbelief I in disbelief so.

Now don’t get me started on the next thing: let’s say you want to switch things up so you go to another hairdresser, or maybe you were running late so you went to somebody else because they’re closer, etc. Gasa you know them hairdressers catching a attitude? BIG WOMAN LIKE ME????Aa, aa, aa…

Woman, man, chile…. once we decide to take our money elsewhere, you cyah have a problem with that: ear-disc-kway. Avaitay…

By: Basic B

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