During What Part Of The Game Did It Become Okay To Snitch On Yourselves?

I am confused you’ll. Please tell me at what time and during what part of the game did it become okay to snitch on yourselves? See I told you’ll this social media mess was going to mess you’ll up but did anyone listen? Clearly not! How can you explain cheating and being bold enough to record the illegal action and posting it online? Some body, anybody, please explain that part of the game to me!

Now if you are confused please allow me to break down what happened in Trinidad and Tobago. The CSEC Math exam for 2019, admittedly by the majority was the most difficult yet. However, during the exam, students recorded themselves using their mobile phones, a clear violation and security breach! Now, petitions have started to have every student across the Caribbean resit the difficult exam and consider the one held a few days ago, null and void.

Even CXC posted a message on their page confirming the scandal stating “the Caribbean Examinations Council had been made aware of a breach in examination security in Trinidad and Tobago. At this time we are working closely with the Trinidad Ministry of Education to conduct an investigation surrounding the report. Appropriate corrective action will be taken quickly to reinforce existing security measures and to mitigate any potential impact.”

A probe has also begun as to why invigilators weren’t present during the examination period. I have seen video footage of the perpetuated incident and sadly it is not a good look at all. On one end it shows the despicable lengths one would go to get an unfair advantage on others simply because the work that warrants success wasn’t put in. I’m sorry if my opening paragraph may have had hints of comedy but best believe I wasn’t even chuckling.

These students have shamed their island, gotten hard working invigilators fired and worse of all, a potential zero on their final grade. Would I allow them to do the exam over again, yes, I would. I would sit them in that same classroom and allow them to take the exact test. The outcome will be the same. These students had two years to prepare and the failed at it, nothing they do and no amount of messages that was passed to each other is going to mask the failure that is imminent.

Let me end my Slouch now and commend our students writing exams at the moment who don’t need a cheat sheet to get those good grades. All ways remember, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Have a great weekend you’ll and God bless.


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