Our style of living has changed significantly with the introduction of the internet

Our entire style of living has changed significantly with the introduction of the internet and lately, social media. Basic human interaction was also affected, so much so, children in some communities would rather fire up a Kindle than head to library or have friends over to do some light reading and heavy playing.

Teens, have taken to social media to either congratulate each other when they have achieved a milestone in their life and also air out some dirty laundry when they’re upset. The latter we see more of but that is the price you pay for being a social citizen. The days of writing into the privacy of a diary are as archaic as Deanery’s first dragon, Viserion, which was lost to the Night King.

But it is not all doom and gloom with internet. In fact, we can laud many positives that internet access has provided us. Getting the ability to connect with friends and family seamlessly out of the way, many skills have been learnt using only an internet connection. Youtube has long been considered a university of sorts and many individuals have saved hundreds of dollars following certain DIY projects. The teachings of various subjects that were once considered too difficult to comprehend in a classroom setting became clear as day after one logged onto the video sharing website.

While some of us believe that we need tens of thousands of followers for our message to reach peak audiences, we will dispel that notion right now. SOREN GORDHAMER explains perfectly how even though you reach isn’t as massive as let’s say Oprah and her millions you can still hit a target audience. “Even if we have few followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook or subscribers to our blog, the average person’s influence is increasing as communication channels become more open and fluid.”

As difficult as it may seem to admit that our lives have changed over the years, it really isn’t. Try this experiment out. What would you do if, all your smart devices went down, you have no internet and you only had two TV channels that worked and they are only local. Would you be able to survive that lifestyle for two weeks? Curious to know your answers.

Have a great weekend you’ll and God bless.

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