St Lucia National E-Sports Pro Gamers Does It Again !!! Double E-Sport Championship win

Pro Gamers from the St. Lucia National E-sports Team Bradley Bailey aka Terable andUlrick Jackson aka Rickie J has secured championships yet again in another Caribbean Major event . The Dynamic Duo accompanied by their manager (Director of MosManiakal Gaming) Valdez Franklin travelled to Martinique to participate in Final Dodge at the Paddock E-Sports Lounge on May 4th where they battled through a double elimination bracket stacked with powerful French contenders .

Final Dodge was the first of its kind in Martinique for a very long time but its Organiser Renaud Saint Cyr is no stranger to the Caribbean E-Sports community as he is amongst the elite Pros of our region. Along with our widely knownduo we also had Pro Gamers from Guadeloupe Gigagames making it a titanic showdown between our 3 islands with St Lucia securing tied results with Gigagames.

Also in attendance was the manager and president of GigaGames Samuel Jourson who along with our Director Valdez Franklin are executive members of the newly form board CACESCO (Central American and Caribbean Esports Confederation). In their capacity they saw the need to support and aid Martinique Community by any means to ensure its longevity and development. Final Dodge was the first edition and first event to Martinique in a long time however Rising Opossum Renaud Saint Cyr pulled off an amazing event filled hype and excitement which remained even after the doors of Paddock was shut and locked.

According to Valdez Franklin “we see it fit to help our brothers of the islands as best as we can in all aspects, we all aim to strive for that one singular purpose that is the growth and development of this sport into something lucrative to the islands and its players.”

Samuel Jourson declared that “Esports is truly a powerful sport and it already growing overseas it is also in our right to help control its growth and help where we can, with Cacesco there is a means to our ideals and with Martinique’s involvement we can have a powerful ally to meet our goals.”

Street Fighter V Ae – Ulrick Jackson 1st, Bradley Bailey 2nd
Mortal Kombat – Bradley Bailey 1st

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