Who Will be the Queen of Soufriere Carnival? Part One

On June 15th, MorneCoubaril Estate will come alive as six beautiful young ladies grace the stage, each one vying for the honour of being crowned Queen of Soufriere Carnival. The pageant is scheduled to begin from 8p.m. and organisers have promised a spectacular show unlike any other. This weekend we will me a few of the contestants hoping to be Soufriere’s next Queen.

Ms ROCHE ST. CYR: Ms Winfresh

Image of Ms Roche EyaIrie St. Cyr

Ms Roche EyaIrie St. Cyr

Ms Roche EyaIrie St. Cyr hails from the serene village of Canaries, on the West Coast. This 19 year old is a former graduate of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Roche participated in the Ms Francaphonie Pageant in 2016.
Roche is very ambitious and outgoing; she has a passion for Dance and the Arts; her goal in life is to become a certified Choreographer and to open a dance academy to mould future talent. She enjoys volunteering at the Canaries Infant and Primary school assisting the students to develop an interest in the arts.


Image of Ms Ianna Hippolyte

Ms Ianna Hippolyte

Ms Ianna Hippolyte is a 23 year old Concierge Agent at the Landings Resort and Spa, her current position helps to showcase her charismatic personality. Ianna has been recognised as a sportswoman; she has attained awards as the junior Netballer and Sportswoman of the year in 2012 and a nominee as the junior sportswoman of the year in 2014.

Ianna believes that “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” and hopes her participation in this pageant will help her channel her positivity and acceptance of one’s self to other young women and partake in any way applicable to the development of her beautiful hometown of Soufriere. Ianna aspires to be an Air hostess.

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