FOCUS: RED Carnival Band

FOCUS is our eyes and ears on the road for carnival this year. With this page, we will endeavor to provide weekly features on carnival unity around Saint Lucia (FOCUS). This weekend, we switch our FOCUS to one of the hottest bands on the national circuit, RED!

Tell us a little about Red Carnival Band and how long has the band been in existence?

RED Carnival Band was born in 2005 out of the need to have a band that brought you real vibe and entertainment. We first started as RED International and restructured into RED Unlimited. We travelled to carnivals throughout the region and the world and we saw the vibe the excitement, and we thought to ourselves that Saint Lucia need that, this was missing from Saint Lucia Carnival. RED was destined to put Saint Lucia on the map for Carnival and we worked hard towards it, by first ensuring that we developed a product that our people and visitors alike could find appealing. At first our sexy and revealing costumes shocked many a persons but it eventually became main stream with all sexy mas bands or what is generally called the “party bands”

Why should revellers jump with RED? What makes it different from the other bands?

RED has always known to deliver what it promises. So we provide the “Ultimate Reveller Experience” a tag line coined by RED. Always a live band along with the best home grown Djs, unlimited drinks, food, Vibe and Entertainment, we are all about the revellers.

How many revellers will the band be targeting and give us a few examples of what the reveller experience is like with RED?

From our highest Reveller count of over 1600 revellers in 2010, where we struggled to manage the Reveller experience, we have realized that smaller is sometimes better and certainly for Red after being around for 15 years and having done all that we could to improve the carnival and numbers in the carnival, we have aimed to keep the numbers down to about 400 paid revellers to maintain the ultimate Reveler experience

Apart from the road experience, what else can the reveller look forward to when they join the band?

As indicated earlier we bring real vibe on the road…this year we have Arthur Allain and the Evolucian Band. But perhaps what we pride the most is the quality and durability of our costumes.

I know revellers and Soca enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating Colour Me Red, tell us about the expectations of Team Red for the thousands who will be in attendance and the artistes scheduled to perform.

RED has and continues to bring pure entertainment, big world class entertainment and has for some 14 years brought Saint Lucia Colour Me Red. When we spoke about vibe in our Carnival, what we did was to have fetes after fetes leading up to carnival, so that carnival was no longer just 2 days or a weekend but rather a season. So we had a fete every weekend, sometimes midweek…with CMR being the flagship fete of fetes with the world class acts from Gaiety to Beausejour to pigeon Island main stage. Now you will realise that Saint Lucia Carnival has more…which is great but it also has to be managed to ensure no or little dilution and sustainability of the product.

Very few bands can “take a break” and successfully return to the road. RED is in that select few. Where does the team find the resilience to come out and give a spectacle especially after the brief hiatus?

For RED it is the passion that drives us. We just love carnival and love presenting to the revellers and the spectators a great time but all in a safe environment. Coming back has not been easy, as persons have moved on, some 2 bands have evolved from RED and doing great, which in turn has created less revellers togo around, but more importantly has improved the offerings and product, after all variety is the spice of life.

Finally, how can someone register to be a part of RED this Carnival?

Registration is closing but one can always register at, or simply contact a red member or one of our “ambush” “bar crawl” or band members…given we are nearing closing registration, who knows you may just get a member discount lol

Just check us out for the “Ultimate Carnival Experience “

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