FOCUS: Soufriere Carnival

FOCUS is our eyes and ears on the road for carnival this year. With this page, we will endeavor to provide weekly features on carnival unity around Saint Lucia (FOCUS). For the next few Saturdays we will FOCUS on the bands from the recently launched Soufriere Carnival. Elite Carnival Band continues our FOCUS.

Tell us a little about Elite Carnival Band and how long has the band been in existence?

-Elite carnival band was started by me, Kershie Abraham. I’m a seamstress/ designer so I decided why not put my skills to the test. Elite launched last year and I got positive feedback from the community

Has the band always been based in Soufriere?  Why choose the community-based festival as opposed to the national spectacle?

– Yes the band has always been based in Soufriere because that’s where I’m from. I believe, that I still need some more training and experience before I can take it to a national level.

Why should revellers jump with Elite Carnival Band? What makes it different from the other bands?

– The experience is one of class, pumped energy and value for money.

How many revellers will the band be targeting and give us a few examples of what the reveller experience is like with Elite Carnival Band?

-Our target this year is 100, since the community is a small one

Apart from the road experience, what else can the reveller look forward to when they join the band?

-Apart from the road experience, our revellers could enjoy a great after-party and our elite events that we host every year

Finally, how can someone register to be a part of Elite Carnival Band this Carnival?

-To register with Elite carnival band you could come to Sandra’s boutique, on Sir Darnley Alexander Street in Soufriere or call 4595515.

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