Miss Mabouya Valley Pageant

On Saturday 15th June at Fond D’or, a new queen will be crowned. Pageant enthusiasts are invited to come experience the Miss Mabouya Valley Pageant, which promises to be an evening of glitz, glamour, elegance and excitement. This weekend we get to meet the ladies vying for the honour of being crowned Miss Mabouya Valley.

Image of Leana Lewis

Leana Lewis

I am 19 year old Leana Lewis representing the community of Grande Riviere Dennery. I decided to participate in this pageant because wearing a tiara has always been a dream of mine. Also, expressing myself through this platform has made me realize that everything you aspire to be is possible if only you are brave enough to dream it. I am proudly sponsored by Monarch Sports Club.

Image of Sherniqua Mathurin

Sherniqua Mathurin

Hi! I am 17 year old Sherniqua Mathurin hailing from the community of Derniere Riviere. As a young woman growing up I believe that there is always need for self-growth and development, hence, I decided to take part in this pageant, not only to discover my talents but to challenge myself by getting out of my comfort zone on my way to becoming a new person. I am proudly sponsored by Lucky 7 Bar & Grill.

Image of Kyla Edward

Kyla Edward

An ebullience 17 year old Kyla Edward, representing the beautiful community of Gardette. Proudly sponsored by The Lab Carnival Band. I decided to participate in the Miss Mabouya Valley pageant so I can boost my confidence and to take on the large role of being an ambassador for my community.

Image of Shenarah Legrand

Shenarah Legrand

Hello St. Lucia. I am 17 year old Shenarah Legrand representing the community of Morne Panache at this year’s Miss Mabouya Valley pageant. I am currently pursuing a degree in Performing Arts at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. My participation in this pageant has created an avenue for me to showcase my creativity and talents. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my sponsor Mega Contracting Incorporations.

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