Realizing Your Worth is the Most Important Achievement One Can Boast

Realizing your worth is the most important achievement one can boast in his or her lifetime. At this present moment, as we read, someone is being treated unfairly by a friend, sibling or maybe even a parent. That victim, however, doesn’t consider the unjust treatment meted out as unfair because and quite possibly they’re none the wiser.

You see a lot of young people face mental abuse on a daily basis and such abuse often creates timid individuals who often yearn for acceptance from the same abusers. I’m sure we’ve all read or have seen the story about Cinderella, well, take the treatment she received and multiply it by 100 to get the gist of my opening paragraph.

Some of us aren’t sufferers of the Cinderella story, but that doesn’t exempt us from not realizing or understanding our worth. Some of us are willing to bend over backwards and over exert ourselves for people or “friends” who never return the same energy. The individual needs something done, you are the first to volunteer your time. You may have a project due or you are behind on your assignments, but if that person calls, you are the first loyal friend out to help.

There are many other examples one can use to illustrate how individuals are being taken advantage of and not all of them revolves around abuse. You have some individuals who ask you to utilize your talents (painting, singing, dancing) and will conveniently forget to add some form of gratis with their request.

For a lot of us we would do it for the love and that’s what these vultures are banking on. While your time and effort maybe worth a certain amount, I’m sure there can be no price on a something that is largely forgotten, a thank you!

Another aspect that is often taken advantage of, is the person’s inability to let go of that preverbal spotlight. Because of the urge to continuously see their names in neon lights, they are willing to do any and everything. Such actions jeopardizes your opportunity to genuinely get what you are worthwhile the competition works fewer jobs and gets paid more than you do.

Know your worth and never sell yourself short. Have a great weekend ya’ll and god bless.

Scady. P

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