Sizzla Kalongi: Bringing The Love Of Music, Life To St Lucia

Known for his fiery lyrics and heavily opinionated tracks, Miguel Collins or SizzlaKalongi as he is known in the realm of music is a picture of focus as he heads into his highly anticipated performance at Magnum Xplosion in St. Lucia on Saturday June 1, from the historic Pigeon Island National Landmark. With a grand total of 56 solo albums including his critically acclaimed “Da Real Thing” and newly released “Victory” as part of the musical artillery the artiste is set to deliver an unmatched performance.

Image of Miguel Collins aka Sizzla Kalongi

Miguel Collins aka Sizzla Kalongi

No stranger to the island, the Judgment Yard boss says the best experience for him on the picturesque isle can only come from the people. “The best experience for me in St. Lucia would be to just see the people turn out. I’m all about the music and love, the island is beautiful, the people are amazing and they have always supported Sizzla. So seeing them come out for the music would make it the best experience” shared Sizzla.

Delivering a much more composed and mellow version of himself, Sizzla says contrary to popular belief he does not support violence in any form. “I preach about love and unity in the songs so I can’t contradict myself. I don’t like violence, I don’t like any form of abuse and sometimes people don’t know or understand that”.

The now 43 year old reggae act has gained mainstream popularity and crossover success from international collaborations with Foxy Brown, Rihanna, Akon and DJ Khaled to name a few. Paying homage to the greats before him Sizzla says Shabba Ranks, BujuBanton, Capleton and Dennis Brown opened the doors to international success for reggae dancehall artistes. “Even before there was a Sizzla, you had artistes like those that were putting in the work and fighting hard for the music overseas. So I’ve benefitted and a lot of other upcoming acts will benefit as well”.

The beneficiary of a career spanning over 20 years Sizzla says his staying power comes from a deep love of and passion for music.

A new, still untitled project in the works with Vision Music, Sizzla is a well of creative influence, positive energy and talent. The artiste says each performance is different but he pulls inspiration from his fans.

“I witnessed my largest crowd ever in Gambia, the people came out in droves, and the support was overwhelming and just beautiful to see the love that Africans have for their brothers and sisters in the west. St. Lucians have shown me nothing but love, never disrespected me as an artiste and I’m excited for the experience”. — By: Toni-Ann Latty

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