Things are not sacred anymore and respect for authority is quickly heading out of the window

Things are not sacred anymore and respect for authority is quickly heading out of the window, if it hasn’t already been flung out. Let me start this weekend’s slouch by expressing my disappointment in the news about the robbery that occurred at the Seventh Day Adventist Church as well as the adjoining Primary School in the Labayee community. Growing up, there were certain things one wouldn’t dream of doing in a place of worship and committing the crime of robbery sits in the top three. The perpetrators, I know you all must be reveling in your failed heist but rest assured, there are two hands patiently waiting to welcome you home. One of them belongs to the long arm of the law and the other, well I will let you figure that one out for yourself.

It is clear that we have a hard time appreciating the freedom that we have. It isn’t until there is a threat of losing it or it is forcefully taken away from us, that we understand and appreciate the privilege we have.  Under no circumstances should law abiding citizens have to live in fear, but sadly this is what criminal elements, like those involved in the aforementioned robbery, have relegated us to. In a sense they have made us prisoners in our own homes with many home owners opting to put up steel bars (burglar bars) to keep those “zobbies” out. Others who can afford have installed alarms and surveillance cameras. If we take a closer look at all of those security measures we will all agree that they resemble a prison- like set up.

The spate of robberies that have been occurring lately has everyone on edge and rightfully so. It’s best to be on your guard just in case anything should happen, but the fear that is present in our communities is what boils the blood of many. It would be remiss of me if I don’t make mention of the number of young boys who are often caught up in those crimes as another peeve for many. The excuse of no work, “nuttin eh running” is just a bunch of hog wash and I for one don’t subscribe to it. What these three words have allowed to happen is give license to these hoodlums to run amuck throughout society. When they can be out in a field planting their dreams in various fruits and vegetables, they are on the block planning their next snatch. A lifestyle that has no real benefit or value.

This week I watched the Netflix series “When they See Us”, a docuseries that exposed the injustices that five teens face in New York City and how a corrupt system stole 6-12 years of their lives. It broke my heart to hear them do the time for a crime they didn’t commit. It was a tearful watch as we saw firsthand how their freedom, dignity and rights were stripped from them for years. Now if that can happen to innocent teenagers, the oldest at the time was 16, what do you think is going to happen to you, the guilty criminal? Do better guys, have a great long holiday weekend and God bless.


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