Love is firm and not changing;

Love is calm endurance of hardship or annoyance;

Love means to persevere;

Love is pleasant, gratifying, charming

And sensitive or delicate

Love is a precious feeling

An emotion that’s irresistible

Perfect, passionate, gentle and considerate

Love controls and cause us to live

An extreme life with hopes and dreams

Love is a smile that blooms on the face

Of the human race

Love brings joy, peace and unity

To make us unite

Love can be a fine song

Or a romantic kiss, to show great affection

Love is normal and natural

Love mend broken hearts

Love is what we make it

Love help us live a happy life

Love is the creator

Love created us

Love is you and me;

Love is the dawn of a new day;


What is ….Loyal Obedient ValuableEndurable?


By: C. James

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