Every Year After Carnival We Hear the Same Things

Scady PEvery year after Carnival we hear the same things. The revelers are too déclassé and the venue for carnival needs to change, yet still nothing is done; or so we think. Alot is done in the off season and most of it by the very people that take the bashing from every Tom, Jane and “Shalry” – the Carnival bands.

Who do you think is directly responsible for the influx of foreigners jetting to our sunny island? I can safely say that through extensive marketing campaigns by bands and ground work by their foot soldiers, the buzz about Saint Lucia Carnival is heard around the globe; let’s not forget the Dennery Segment, that continues to evolve and smash walls from north, south, east and west.

Despite all of that, people always find a way to blame bands whenever something is amiss and this year is no exception. From reveller behaviour to lewdness of costumes, our carnival band leaders have for years been the proverbial punching bag.

I remember picking up a newspaper printed in the early nineties where the writer lambasted the ladies in the Royalites Carnival Band. The one year that Royalites pushed the envelope a full section was considered degrading and the talk of the town.

Fastfoward to 2019 and that same costume design was seen at a Junior Carnival parade. The colourful see-through mesh made for an excellent genie pants and there was nothing distasteful about the costume. I’m sure if you were to see the costume that was the talk of the town then, you would agree that maybe someone was exaggerating a bit.

What is now considered standard costuming in the world of carnival is being shunned upon by individuals with influence. Some of them have little understanding in the change of carnival trends and while I agree there is always a place for traditional mas, we cannot be blinded to the fact that there is also an avenue for the sexy mas as well.

My recommendation is that we ensure our laws aren’t broken when reveling on the road side. As for our laws of morality, we have a few things, more pertinent things to check upon first before we focus all our energies on carnival.

Have a great day ya’ll and God bless.


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