I don’t often get in my feelings on Facebook, but…

I don’t often get in my feelings on Facebook, but this year’s actions and reactions by many of our artistes, their management and fans left me with little to no choice but to put fingers to keyboard this Carnival weekend.

As has become my ritual, around this time of the year, I’d be offering some sound safety advice for the two day parade in the city of Castries. With the new route and all, I thought it would be a great idea to continue this tradition. However, something struck me yesterday and compelled me to change course this year.

In my best Yung Miami voice: Soca enthusiasts, some of yawls attitude need to change PERIODT (no it is not a typo)!

Ever so often I meet the people that remember and they always ask “Scady why you eh drop a track?” My answer is and will always remain, not me, never again. That ship has sailed. You see during my time of doing music for the fun of it all, the argument was deejays turning Soca artiste. It then moved from an argument to an all-out war.

Artistes for some stupid reason felt threatened. While I was with my merry little team (big up Soca Mafia Ted M. Sandiford) laughing and just recording tunes like Hey Scady, Make it Bubble, Put Me Out, ChiffonenTwel la, I In Dat and the list goes on(aa I had tunes oui big up Courtney Louis) there were others who were hell bent in seeing the good times come to an end.

The bad mouthing, bickering, slander and all other ingredients of hypocrisy left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to this thing they call the music business. I believe what really put the seasoning in the chichi was when I saw two best friends cuss out each other and eventually break links for something so trivial like not having a particular song on a laptop. I honestly got sick of it all. Massiay, it is sad to see that SEVEN years later NOTHING has changed. Competition is supposed to bring out the best but this season has been the dirtiest I’ve ever witnessed.

Artistes and those in their camps, please do better. This platform ya’ll are using to amplify that bad energy be careful with it. While you argue and make noise, some of ya’ll for selfish reasons, the time to enjoy doing music and the fan base you are building is disappearing.

Have a great Carnival and God Bless


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