It Has Been an Eventful Past Few Days in the Soca World

What an eventful past few days it has been in the Soca world. If you aren’t aware, we are in the heart of the vaval season and with it comes band wars and Soca “boads”. This year, I will admit the ugliness that had been marring a few successful band launches were at an amazing zero. No one was writing blogs about costumes, or unscrupulous band owners or even costumes that resembled designs seen in other islands. Alas, the beautiful sunshine of carnival unity couldn’t be enjoyed as a not so new dark cloud hovered over the well “lit” season.

Fans of Soca artistes and a few artistes themselves couldn’t come to terms with the old adage, the judge’s decision is final. Some took to social media to voice their displeasure in what they considered erroneous decisions on the part of the judges while others decided to opt for a more legal approach.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these things aren’t new nor are they indigenous to Saint Lucia, but, it did display some poor sportsmanship on the part of the artistes. It also had a few individuals publicly questioning if these artistes are really riders for each other as they claim (you know those who bellow support local, play local). The common question “how did that one make it and not me” painted a different picture and one that I am positive after this short season is over, they would like to forget.

I am tempted to bring up the Puff Daddy of the new millennium and always cherry Dj Khaled, who unbelievably “played himself” when his latest album was adjudicated number two on the Billboard charts behind Tyler the Creator. After receiving the news fans were treated to the what many have since dubbed, the real Khaled. It wasn’t the normal positive, jovial and always full of life individual we see on the snaps or the gram. No, that week, we saw a man that acted in a way he often shunned. He was full of negative vibes and refused to accept that he was second best. (I wonder if he really did sue Billboard)

Folks, this weekend I want to leave ya’ll with a little life lesson. It is ok to not win at everything. What is important is how you take that disappointment and use it to create something better the next time. Failure is all part of life, it is also a way in getting us to be at our very best. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes not posture because we feel we are superior to others and more deserving. The quarrels in Soca arena this year was very distasteful and I 100% certain the powers that be paid attention to them and are going to be implanting changes before next season.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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