Pounding heart and feet in sync

Race from the trauma she severs the link

A journey up north is her only reprieve

The tracks lay heavy, weighed down by dreams

One step forward and generations on a line

There’s opportunity up ahead, only anguish on this side.


It’s the scenic route checkered with loss and triumph,

A journey endured- ending in wails or silence.

Coyotes abound, their paws are tethered to this place

Their guidance ensures a slim guarantee you make it across safe.


It’s torture and exhaust and watching your six

It’s darkness and fear with some bouts of defeat

It’s knowing you’re moving forward and fellows disappear on the way

It’s mustering up courage and not to dismay

The darkness befalls and the creatures prey at night

It’s seeing pitch black and a mirage of light.


One sack of your life hanging loose on your shoulder

It’s freedom and protection a few steps closer

And right when the sigh from completion is rung,

The fierce prick of I.C.E captures your lung

By: Sadia Augustin

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