Let’s Play a Scenario in Our Minds

Let’s play a scenario in our minds. You are driving on a highway,  it is just about 11:00 a.m. A man is in the middle of the road in distress and desperately trying to get vehicles to stop and assist in any way they can. None of them comply and zoom past him as if his signs for help were akin to a traffic officer beckoning vehicles to pass. You have arrived close enough to see this man bleeding from his forehead and his hands are also covered in blood. What would you do?

I am sure many of you reading the Slouch this weekend will say, stop and help, very admirable. Sadly, the majority of road users that morning opted not to stop, even after seeing how badly injured the elderly man was. I am not sure how long this man may have been bleeding but I am almost certain that with every vehicle that didn’t stop or even slow down must have driven a wedge of hurt through his heart.

I remember a few years ago, driving along the busy John Compton Highway I saw what looked like a wallet in the middle of the road. After doing a double take, I proceeded to drive back up the highway, just to ease my curious mind, when I saw two men hurriedly collecting the wallet and the money that was flying away and their vehicle parked on the side walk still running. I have seen individuals jump from the back of flatbed pick-up vans to rescue material things like baseball caps and mobile phones, but today, none of those heroes seemed to be on the road.

How have we become as a people? It has gotten to a point that human life means very little, if so much? After reading my friend’s status update on Facebook which ended with him and one other gentleman coming to the aid of elders, it made me wonder just what is more important to people. If it had been a top of the line mobile phone or a bag filled with money on the road, would any of those who drove passed the injured man stop?

If it was you driving and you saw a man bloodied and begging for help, would you stop? So often I need to remind my people of that beautiful word, EMPATHY – the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of others.

Are you familiar with it? Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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