Man Cyah Even Wear Their Gold Chain Nowadays!

Gasa Lucia have a kinda vagabonds, tinegs and nutmegs these days. They hungry, they sweff and they out to destroy us. Officer, LOCK DEM UP!!!!! ALL OF DEM!!!! I working too hard for my ting.

Tout moun vlay gold chain. Some of them sporting that hard but is rob they robbing people to get it. Some even holding up children if you think. Vyay kaltay!!!

Let me tell your’ll, God doh like evil. Once you robbing, raping and killing and you eh change and ask God to forgive you, you must suffer!!!! Trust me. God eh playing.Your’ll feel your’ll can rob people just like that and your’ll eh go pay? Westay lar. Ou kie weh.

That coming back for you and your children sometimes.

In di old days they barely had dem kinda ting.Your’ll can laugh at old people and make all kinda joke, butdem people living long gasa. Now we have to beg God to protect us cuz people dropping like flies nowadays.

Long ago, people used to live their door wide open, leave all Gros Islet, go Vieux Fort and come back and nutting in their house eh missing! Nutting! Neighbours used to check for one another and respect one another.

Nowadays man hungry and they coming and rob you even when you in your own house! They eh even waiting for you to leave! And dah is why some of them sticking in that because people living things in house for dem.

But I eh go never forward evil because God eh like that and I believe all how Jah Jah must make a way for me. And as for your’ll… He must deal with your’ll! Trust! Plus dem evil ting eh good at all, that coming back to you so is best your’ll leave that alone.

You cyah just come in my house, take my chain, teef my sugar and da iz it. God eh sleeping. You want sugar? Ask me. You want chain? Go and work for it! But nooooo… your’ll want to open people house and go in their fridge and steal their malt after your’ll steal their morney already!

Your’ll like fast life eh? To see them afterwards… they probably laughing how much cuz they swear they escape. Counting people money like is theirs.

I always say if is bad you bad so, you eh coming and rob people with no mask and you eh running nowhere. Not bad you bad uh?

What day was that, I was talking to a woman and she say doh feel sorry for vagrants in town cuz I eh know what they do. She have a point eh, but you cyah just stay deh and assume all vagrants do tings before. Some of them probably do one, two tingz already eh, mind you, but some people end up on the streets due to other things. And still, your’ll must help them! It doh matter what they do! Leave them for God.Plus, God blessing you when you help people that doh have.  You eh want what God giving man? I taking it e. — By Basic B

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