Of Kings & Queens: Twel’s on Top

Adrian Augier and Sharon Tanner from the carnival band Tribe of Twelare this year’s King and Queen of the Band 2019. The two with portrayals entitled “the Spirit Crossed Triumphantly Below” and “Iyanola: Dawn In the Land of the Iguana” respectively,  stopped all comers to claim the coveted mas titles under a starry Castries sky on Friday (11th July) evening at The Sab in Vigie.

The record setting King and Queen of the Bands competition welcomed a modest crowd to the venue but quickly grew in numbers as the carnival spectacle proceeded into the night.

This year saw eleven bands (Asari Tribe, Red Unlimited, Royalites xTreme, Xuvo Carnival, Just 4 Fun, Fuzion Mas, TABOO Carnival, Insommeil Carnival, Explosive Mas, Looshan Revellers, Tribe of Twel) participating with over 20 majestic portrayals crossing the big stage.

“Never before have I seen so many big costumes in the King and Queen of the Bands”, exclaimed one reveller who revealed that she is a regular at the competition. Others around her echoed her sentiments while praising the new stage area on the ground level.

The King and Queen show traditionally kicks off the costumed aspect of Saint Lucia Carnival.  It is seen as the ideal opportunity for local mas men and women to display their creativity and craftsmanship, bringing to life splendid portrayals with grandiose, eye-catching costumes.

During the competition various mas bands would put on their showcase costumes and perform before a panel of judges and an enthusiastic crowd. Kings and Queens are judged on the details of costumes and other specific criteria, with the end of the night result being a crowned King and Queen.

The results for the Queen of the Bands are as follows:
4th Place with 374 points – Nicole St. Helen – Asari Tribe
3rd Place with 395 points – Claudine Cadette – Tribe of Twel
2nd Place with 430 points – Natanni St. Omer – Xuvo Carnival Band
1st Place with 456 points – Sharon Tanner – Tribe of Twel

The results for King of the Bands are as follows:
4th Place with 426 points – Barry George – Fuzion Mas
3rd Place with 427 points – Kwency “Pringles” Griffith – Tribe of Twel
2nd Place with 452 points – Martin Dorville – Tribe of Twel
1st Place with 456 points – Adrian Augier – Tribe of Twel

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