Protecting Mi Amor

What can you offer me that I can’t offer myself?

What can you do for me that I can’t do alone?

See the truth is you are not a necessity

I’m not saying that you can’t be

Just saying that you’re not

This thing between me and you has got to stop

This roller coaster ride we’re on

It’s time for me to get off


I can’t keep doing this

It’s eating me up mentally

Tearing me apart emotionally

So I’m picking up my hammer

And putting my life back together

I live forever excluding you

A life without anymoreblues


You see the problem was

I loved you before I loved me

And because of that you formed the foundation of my heart

I guess since you’re gone my heart’s no more

But that’s okay

Because I’ll rebuild it

And this time I’ll be my foundation


Don’t get me wrong though I’m grateful

Grateful for everything you’ve done to me

Because now I know why I shouldn’t love

Now I have all the tools to build my wall

A wall that no one shall everget through

A wall that protects a heart that no longer belongs to you

Signed~Tessa (Clysha Joseph)

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