Soca Monarch/Carnival Queen Drama — Woyeeee!!! What a Mix Up!!!!!

Woyeeee!!! Baguy show hor di yar!!!! Aa, aa, aa… boy Soca Monarch and Carnival Queen Results come out and some people blue! Who saying dar one eh deserve that, who saying judges cheat, who saying people should retire, who saying people bad mind, people greedy, yada, yada, yada. Issa whole mix up!!!

Now let me tell you: I watch Queen Show at my home cuz I didn’t have $120 (how is me uh) and I go on the Sab to watch my likkle Soca Monarch and I hear people quarrelling after di show how much. But that eh nothing yet… is Facebook that had all di drama!!! Some people were real salty when Ricky T won Power Soca yet again (eh diskway!) and they saying padna should pull outta di competition and make way for di newer artistes.

People believe judges biased and saying is a whole setta politicks ting that going on. Your’ll self, as soon as your’ll fav eh make it, your’ll want to say pappyshow. There is a criteria for a reason. These people are experienced and your’ll are not! Your’ll always deh judges getting money, dis and dat. If you have evidence, put it on the table!!! If not, stop putting those stupid posts on Facebook cuzyour’ll just looking salty.

As far as I’m concerned, if someone is passionate about something, they can do it for as long as they like. If dar is how the person making their money, then I eh hating on their hustle at all! I eh saying monarchscyah take a break, but if they want to go on, then fine. Your’ll vex the same people taking the top spots every year? Step up your’ll game!

This year we had a whole settamarjee songs. (I eh care who vex, past two or three years, most of the music has been wack!) Them Soca artistes better be grateful for Dennery Segment because is them that saving carnival most times. I eh go lie: artistes like Shemmy, Sedale, Tizzle, Ezra and a few others does come through with one to tunes but we cyah dance to six songs on the road, aa!

Soca Monarch not even the same again! People barely know the songs and after people barely know them, the songs old too! Bayteeze. Coming on the stage and waste people time. I self more screw because dar is nonsense. Your’ll blue Tizzle winning but a lot of your’ll not delivering. In my Diana Charles voice: DAT MAKING SENSE?!

This year I must say Ezra did well eh, give my boy his props! Ezra always delivering matter of fact, but Tizzle deserved that title! As for VyeTwizeen winning Groovy? Gasa I happy like a birthday!

Some people happy Arthur move out and I will admit it was refreshing to see a new king BUT if padna wanted to continue with his journey, I eh have no problem at all.

I hearing people saying tings like the bigger artistes should make way for the youth. Gasa, the youth have the opportunity already it’s up to them to take advantage of it! You eh like the fact that Ricky T and Arthur was winning back to back? Go in studio and make a monster hit, come on stage and perform like your life depended on it, then we talking! Gasa just imagine you beat Soca Royalty… that going down in the history books ih!
As for Queen Show, your’ll eh hear the judges decision is final? I see one, two people real salty but I must say the girl who won deserved that hands down. Lot kotay.

To those who didn’t make it this year, come back harder next year. Eh give up on di dream gasa.

By: Basic B

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