Some can make you smile for hours, some make you think and there are those you never forget

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Kadeem Marley

I’ve interviewed a number of young persons; some can make you smile for hours, some make you think and there are those you never forget.

I met Kadeem Joseph (A.K.A Kadeem Marley) in 2016. Back then, 21-year-old Kadeem was the President of a Canaries youth group aptly titled ‘Project Can Reloaded.’

As I sat in the back of my boss’ vehicle on a hot Saturday afternoon, I found out more about Kadeem, his peers and their vision. The group was determined to make a positive change in their community and I was certain they would.

I can remember Kadeem’s passion; we spoke for over an hour perhaps, and I listened intently as he shared his plans for Canaries’ youth.

“A lot of delinquent children are actually school drop outs. They have nothing to do and they will team up with other drop outs and all of them will have that thing in common; that’s when they will partake in violence. But with youth groups, it will change; they will stay out of trouble. They will not feel like they’re on their own because they have someplace to go,” he said.

After a successful interview, I left. I never guessed that this would be our last meeting.

Years later, (April 30, 2019 to be exact) a Facebook friend shared that he lost his best friend. Even after viewing a photo album, I never realized that his best friend was Kadeem.

Weeks later I’d stumble on a death announcement which sent chills down my spine. For a few seconds, I never realized I was looking at his obituary—then it hit me. Kadeem had passed away (tragically unfortunately) and I only found out long after he’d been buried.

I can’t fully describe how I felt in that moment; I cried for someone I’d only met once. My heart ached for Kadeem, who would never know the impact he left on me and so many others.

I never imagined that I would be writing this years later, but unfortunately, this is the case.

With a heavy heart, I say Rest in Peace to a talented young man. Though you are gone, you will never be forgotten.

Today, I urge our readers to change for the better as we never know what tomorrow holds.Let go of grudges; repair a broken relationship; chase your dreams and leave a mark in this world because there are no do overs once it’s all said and done.

Take care guys.

Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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