Soupsion — Your’ll Like To Put People Dong Eh?

Looshans like to put people dong eh, one fing. They quick to post embarrassing photos and videos of people online: “Aa look at Sheena all the style she have, she have hole in her bra,  woyee!!” So aa, Sheena tellyour’ll her bras were good? Ya’ll assumed! By ‘right’ if ‘Sheena’ have style, my girl supposed to have some good bras eh (SNS is the one stop shop doh sleep) but that eh give you right to put the girl on Facebook, your’ll too so.

I always say people think making fun of other people is ‘alright’…. Until it happens to them. Somebody miss a fall or their wig slip, gasa they running and post that fast! Now that wig slip ting funny eh, I eh go lie gasa, we human and summa us like to catch our kixx hard. But gasa even then it eh good to upload pics of the wig slippage on Facebook. If somebody wig fall in tong, run and help them fix that fast!!! Laugh when you reach home or as soon as you reach di next corner.

What if is you that had happen to now? Uh??? What if you walking in town with your sexy $19.99 Hobbies dress (no shade uh, because they looking good!) and a mango tree just pick up your wig the way Lucian men trying to pick up woman in tong? (“My girl you just fall from heaven man? You look like an angel…”) Lol dem fellas have chat wee!

Now summa your’ll quick to say your’ll eh wearing wig (I could just hear your’ll already: “How is me uh??? I doesn’t wear dat!”) but the point I’m trying to make is embarrassing tings does happen man. You may not wear wigs, but you might miss a fall. And you know your’ll already, as soon as your’ll miss a fall in town your’ll quick to scan the area and fix up your’llselves! Your’ll getting up fast like is lightening that hit your’ll.(Oh… you think embarrassment playing…)

Now just imagine last week you post Sherma and her peeling shoes on Facebook, or a fella that tack his chain with a pin, and next week you on Facebook or igcuz you fall in tong. Dat making sense?

And even if you think the person “deserved it” doh laugh gasa.  Not in front of them at least. God eh like them tings plus, if is you that fall, you getting ashame fast and you eh want people to laugh.

Gasa last week I was walking in tong eh and a market vendor miss a fall same speed. To see a little secondary school child laugh… her front teeth in curlers!! Gwee-year-in like da is di best ting she see all day. I was so disgusted eh, because I eh like to laugh at people gasa.

If we kixxing off and we eh hurting each other da is one ting, but I eh laughing at nobody when it’s wrong cuz I eh want that energy to come back to me. And all the laugh she laughing, that’s if she can do her school work! (Why Lucians so? If we eh like sumting a child do, first thing we saying is that’s if she can do her school work! Mind you, di girl is probably a straight A student e.)

Side note: they have a place by the Dereck Walcott Square their eh..gasayou know how many times ppl miss falls there already?!Mungweejee their self how much there! Hard luck if that happen to you e… I self miss a fall there already, but I had sunglasses so I act like nothing eh happen.

Now that’s enough message for today. Is not Massy I going. Plus, a hard kong strike on me deh so I cyah stay there and talk again.

Oh, and before I go, leave Mackerel alone eh! My girl just want to be in style and fashion gasa.  Now I eh approve of di outfits eh, (Mackerel we need to have a talk) but eh attack di girl looks man..your’ll like to call people “orgly” take care your chile eh come out “orgly” too.

By: Basic B

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