What Happened to Our Soca Music?

Carnival is around the corner: costumes are in production, most revellers have already paid in full and waist lines are ready! There’s just one problem: the music is lacking.

The early 2000’s brought us some of the most memorable Soca hits. Who can forget Ricky T’s ‘Container’? Never one to be stopped, Tizzle followed up with a slew of big hits; ‘Pressure Boom’ had our pressure going up and more.

Mantius gave us some sweet hits too. ‘We Making Love’, ‘Make a Round’, ‘Maji You Talking’… don’t get me started!

Alpha was truly in a league of his own: ‘In De Ark’, ‘Cyah Wait’, ‘Bumper Sticker’, ‘Tik Tok’ and more… Alpha’s music would mash up any fete back then and could still rock a party today.

He may not be as popular as before, but the fact remains.

Today everyone is trying their hand at music and I’m not mad at that. It definitely makes things more interesting. If you’re clearly lacking the skills, however, please try your luck in another area.

To be clear: everyone isn’t an Alpha, TJ or Arthur, but some persons can ride a riddim perfectly and can give us the hits. Kudos to you! And there are those who hop in the studio, hoping that a quick play on words will make them famous: “bend dong” and do this, “touch your toe” and do that… you know how it goes.

As for the seasoned artistes as well as the ‘ripe’ ones… guys, what happened? Seems like Power Soca is no more!

We haven’t had a massive Power Soca track in years. Average? Sure. Just for the moment? Definitely. But something that will be remembered for years to come? Not so much. Perhaps I skipped a track or two, but that’s also a problem: one or two good songs simply cannot suffice.

Fans are not feeling what feels like last minute or scrapped songs. We deserve better! Spend more time on your craft so we can get better songs for the road. Revellers depend on you for a good season so please take your job seriously.

Shout out to artistes like TJ, Arthur, Shemmy J and Sedale who give us sweet Groovy Soca every year. We’re feeling the vibe! Power Soca artistes, we need you to come on board so this ride can be even sweeter.

Also important to note: pay attention to the lyrics. Sure a little “jump up and wave” can work here and there, but there’s much more to it. Step out of your comfort zones, get new persons on your team… do whatever you need to do to ensure that you’re the best version of yourself. (Voice training is a plus!)

The Dennery Segment artistes are killing it right now, but we need our Power Soca artistes and (more) Groovy Soca artistes to shine as well.

By: Kiki

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