Your’ll Still Making Your’ll Children Watch Carnival?

So you mean to tell me in this day and age parents still bringing their children to see carnival? In my Diana Charles voice: Muhmy, zort really car feh baguy wee! Your’ll eh hearing that’s an “adult festival”?! The kinda fings that going on, on the road: kaltay fum in thong and a whole setta other tingz I cyah say in the people youth magazine… Leave your’ll chirren at home!

I cyah never bring my chile and watch that nonsense. Stay home and watch Peppa Pig. The amount a tingz I saw on the road this year, owar, owar, owar, your’ll taking it too far. Now revellers like to say oh, let people live their life. Oh, they doing more fingz! Oh, the people on the sidelines have the most things to say and every year they saying the same thing. Well if doing nastiness in the public eye is enjoying life, well owar iih. It seems by next year we’ll have a band with what looks like naked people alone, because at that rate deh!!!

Now I eh saying all revellers getting on like they have no kinda morals whatsoever. People can dance and chip and whine and still hold their heads high in town next day. But when you getting on like people cyah point fingers tomorrow, that’s a problem.

And the belief that people on the sidelines should keep their mouths shut because they eh pay their money to jump… lol. Lucians always have the most to say, even when their opinions are not needed but suddenly because they’re the ones paying, it’s different.

Somebody invite your’ll to a wedding, your’ll eh spend a dimeeeee, but your’ll have all kinds of suggestions and opinions: oh her dress was looking cheap, her make-up wasn’t looking good, why is funeral colours she use, I coulda do that better, they should fire the person that do the decorations, etc. Y’all always have something to say. So other people cyah say things too? Aa…

I was in carnival this year, mind you.Matter fact, I jumping every year. I like to free up too, but I freeing up in a good way gasa. Some of your’ll acting like your’ll eh have children, bosses and parents. Yes, we’re all grown, most of us anyway (I saw a few children jumping, next page) but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to carry yourself in a respectable way.

People always like to use the “I’m an adult” card to do nonsense but when their adult children start embarrassing them, then they want to start getting all righteous. Oh, so you’re not keeping the same energy Cheryl? Hypocrite woye!!! I eh saying people cyah change eh, but some people eh changing at all… they just eh like when the drama at their doorstep.

Anyway, carnival finish. Next day, highway cleannnn like there wasn’t a whole setta corruption there. Look ting wee!

By:Basic B

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