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Sadiq Serville

After a successful showing at the Learning Academy of Basketball (L.A.B.) and Saint Lucia Basketball Federation’s (S.L.B.F) development camp in June, this young promising basketball player jetted to Miami with brother and mother where he was further exposed to the life changing experience as a basketball player. Meet Sadiq our first feature in 1v1.

1v1: Let’s start by getting your name, school you attend, your address and the club you represent.

Sadiq: My name is Sadiq D. Serville, I attend the St. Mary’s College and live at Monier, Grande Riviere. I am an independent track athlete, coached by Mr. Gregory Lubin. As it relates to basketball, I first started training with Ron Du Murville and represented St. Mary’s under his leadership as well. I most recently trained with Coach Gabriel Inglis representing St. Mary’s. However I don’t belong to any club.

1v1: When was the first time you realized you had a passion for basketball?

Sadiq: I first realized my passion for basketball while searching for videos to improve my vertical jump for high jump competitions. The 2017 dunk contest was what helped seal my passion for the sport.

1v1: The L.A.B was recently in Saint Lucia where they hosted a basketball development camp. Were you apart of that camp? How was it for you first time around?

Sadiq: Yes, I was a part of the LAB camp that was held here in June.At the camp,they helped me improve my shooting form and my defense stance. As an individual, it has changed my mindset by reinforcing my confidence and drive for success.

1v1: How did you prepare for the opportunity and how did you feel when you heard about Coach Griffith’s plans for you?

Sadiq: I was extremely excited about Coach G’s plans for me. I had to prepare mentally because I knew that it would be very different from our local competitions. I trained and put all that I had learned into practice.

1v1: Was thisyour first experience playing at an international level? Has it been what you would’ve expected?

Sadiq: This was my first of what I hope will be many experiences playing internationally. It was a great experience, with lots to see and learn very quickly. It was more than I expected.

1v1: We saw that you had gotten some crucial minutes and some good team chemistry was on show too. What allowed you and the group to click together so quickly?

Sadiq: The chemistry was there because my teammates were very welcoming and ready to share their knowledge. This made it easy to feel as part of the team.

1v1: When you’re on the floor, what do you expect out of yourself? Are you ever scared or nervous?

Sadiq: When I’m on the floor I strive to give my best effort always. Most times I’m confident but as expected especially at an international game, I was nervous for the first one. I played the others more confidently.

1v1: We also understand that your little brother is also with you. How did that add to your confidence level and how is his game on the court?

Sadiq: It’s great having my little brother around. I’m confident knowing that he is right behind me about to get the same opportunities. His game is good but like all of us there’s room for improvement.

1v1: Receiving that much exposure and experience, what new personal goals have you set for yourself and when do you hope to achieve them?

Sadiq: The exposure and experience have allowed me to refocus on ensuring that I improve and maintain good grades. My goal is to secure a full sports scholarship and play professionally. I hope to achieve this by the end of my studies at St. Mary’s College.

1v1: Academics is always most important. What would you study at college if you received a full basketball scholarship?

Sadiq: I’m at an age where there are a few things that I’m interested in. If I were to get a basketball scholarship my choice of study will be in Science. However I am still open to other possibilities as I grow.

1v1: Final question. Who are your biggest influences and inspirations and name your top three favourite basketball teams.

Sadiq: My mom is my greatest influence and inspiration. Lebron James and Mutaz Essa Barshim are my inspirations in sports. Overall my father, Coach Lubin and most recently Coach Griffith, add to my team of motivators and influences. There are others, including some of my peers, but those mentioned encourage me to do my best and be my best always.

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