Aa..Female Entertainers Doing Anything These Days? Sar par vway!

Soooo… woman moving their underwear when they performing on stage nowadays? Welcome to 2019 y’all!!! Boy, I tell you anything running these days wee. Woman coming on stage in itsy bitsy spider outfit, doing alllllll kinds of provocative moves and ting.

Patrice Roberts get vex what day was that deh when she was tempting a lady’s boyfriend and di girl make it clear she not on her heights. Sista come for her fella quick! I self doh understand Patrice: how you want to get vex when you was doing the most? Make it make sense! Mind you, I love Patrice eh, but I cyah stand by everyting a celebrity do, just because I like them. Nah man.

Now as for Yanique  ‘Curvy Diva’… sista, that underwear video wasn’t it at all uh. ‘Mock’ underwear or not, have some respect for yourself! From time you have to do all of that to promote your music, your music eh good. From time you have to do allll of that for people to talk about you, just know your career not where it should be, periodt! #ISaidWhatISaid! And your’ll wondering why men like to disrespect your’ll so fast…

Sisteh even say people closed minded in uh interview because people say she have no kinda respect for herself. “I don’t regret my actions because at the end of the day, it’s all in the name of entertainment,”pal say.

Aa, well seems like just now if “entertainment” tell y’all to walk naked y’all doing it. And mind you, she have chyle too eh, but sis say she tired of people involving her daughter in these conversations.

LOL, that’s all I have to say. L-O-L! Bayteeze to-sell.

And that’s who your’ll looking up to? Woyeee. Somebody put some sense in their head tun! Nonsense!

Now one fing, I hope I eh see my local female artistes doing that kinda ting eh!!! Doh go and repeat that! That monkey see, monkey do ting, leave it alone, once it eh good!

Now as you see I come and talk about that deh, they go say I “bad mind” and I’z a “hater.” Well if that making me a bad mind, I’z bad mind!!!

I eh saying when you’re an adult you cyah dress sexy and ting… aa you grown. But deh have times people just crossing the line.

If you want to make music, doh put horn piercing on your head (yes somebody actually did that) or tattoo your eyeballs. Just let your music speak for itself, dassit!

By: Basic B

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