Carnival Fee-nish, Your’ll Cyah Buy School Books and Pay the Landlord?

Gasa I go on Facebook what day was that deh, first ting I seeing: “Last month you could have paid $2000+ for a panty and a bra but today u complaining $35 for a school book.” WOYEEEE!!! LOOK TING!!! It hot!!!

Haaaaaa boy, carnival finish deh, school opening, landlord want their rent, baby daddy asking how you want $75 dollars for pumpers again when he just give you some money deh, meanwhile mate didn’t know that was for your high cut carnival punty and now you brokes.

Zort car feh baguy e… now look school about to open and some of your’ll cyah even buy new shoes for your children and pay registration fees.

Chilren, doh be like some of dem adults when your’ll grow up uh!

To see them on the road on Carnival Monday, gyrating like speakers behind a car a ignorant fella driving… they forget their bills and everything. But anyway, that’s the whole point of carnival… so people could free up, but gasa, if you stick in that this year, doh allow that to happen to you next year. Doh allow carnival to make you lose all your sense, cuz that eh making sense!

True, you like your carnival and true, it feeling nice, but when you cyah eat afterwards cuz all your money go towards costume and Brazilian hair, or Nike sneakers, and you hiding from the landlord… that’s a serious red flag. And not the kind you like. Dah eh the kind of flag you waving up in fete with, dah is flag that giving you mizzy heartache. That worse than uh break up. You eh see how it is when you cyah eat man? One of the worst feelings e!

Doh make demsoca artistes fool your’ll. Di fellas telling your’ll do this and that, but some of them well set!!! But look at you, you eh even have enough money so the bank can give you a loan for a house… you eh even have a plot of land… you living with your mother and you barely saving any money. DAT MAKING SENSE? You cyah even buy a goat because you just deh spending how much money on fete and rum. Boom!Sickness take you, you unemployed, you start a new job and you have to find bus money cuz they eh pay you yet… you cyah even do nun of that because all your money spend on the wrong things and you eh have one cent in the bank.

Kooyor woyee!! I doh care!!! I buying my clothes at Hobbies, I shopping by S & S and I eating bread and butter when I cyah buy a plate of food, I eh taking credit at no restaurant in tong because I want to make my coworkers tink I can afford tings. Please people still…. Some of these same people your’ll trying to please owe how much money and have more problems than you!!! You never hear they tell you doh hang your hat weh your hands cannot reach? Well my girl your hat in the sky now tun, go and take it! And next time your landlord bung on your door, OPEN UP AND PAY DI MUN!!!! Who tell you take rent money and buy carnival costume doo doo?

By: Basic B

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